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Last Edited: 9/4/13

Public Use Dataset

All water system boundary files created using the Water Boundary Tool are collected in our drinking water system service area database.  The database is updated on a continual basis as changes are made to these files.  These data are available as a public use dataset.  


To access data on public water system boundaries, select from the following:


  • For a single water system boundary
    • Search by water system name/ID or primacy agency name 
    • Browse all water systems
    • Browse all primacy agencies
    • Note: You do not have to be a registered user to view any of the boundary files on the water tool.  However, if you are not registered and authorized for a specific water system, you cannot make changes to that system's boundary files


  • For all water system boundaries statewide
    • Note:  We request that you cite the California Environmental Health Tracking Program or link to the CEHTP website when reporting results that are derived from the service area boundaries managed by the Water Boundary Tool.  Please also note that by downloading the following boundaries, you are acknowledging the following disclaimer.
    • Download a database snapshot as zipped shapefile or KMZ (compressed KML) -- These export files were last updated on . Note: Shapefile and KMZ export files are automatically generated only on weeknights and only if there were edits since the previous export.
    • Download a previous version


Please note that these data are subject to change as public water systems continue to input and edit their customer service area boundaries.